Empowered by Surrender: A Woman's Guide to Letting Go

Dr.Sanja Rickette Stinson
April 9, 2024
3 min read
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Life is a journey characterized by continuous evolution, growth, change, and transformation. We inevitably accumulate experiences, relationships, and financial commitments along this path. 

However, there comes a time when these acquisitions no longer hold the same significance they once did. What once brought us joy may now feel burdensome, no longer resonating with our true selves. These possessions, which once shaped our identity and guided our path, may now represent more of a financial burden than a source of fulfillment. 

It is essential to recognize when a specific aspect of our lives no longer serves us, mainly when it imposes unnecessary financial strain.   

Today's blog focuses on the theme of being Empowered by Surrender: "A Woman's Guide to Letting Go." For women traversing the intricate paths of life, the necessity to release the past and embrace the new can often seem daunting and arduous. Nonetheless, it is a voyage marked by faith, trust, and vulnerability. We must acknowledge that true empowerment lies in the willingness to let go and surrender, thus paving the way for our next chapter.

A poignant realization strikes when something we once cherished no longer brings us the joy and fulfillment it once did. It's as if a shift occurs within, signaling that it's time to release what no longer serves us, both emotionally and personally, signaling that it's time to release. For me, this realization came after much prayer and contemplation.  

Despite my emotional attachment and the significant role it once played in shaping my identity, I've realized that clinging to this aspect of my life has transitioned from being a source of joy to becoming a weighty burden. It's a heavy loader that I am unwilling to hold on to, depleting my resources and hindering my growth into the person I am now and aspire to be. 

As I grapple with letting go, I've delved into the depths of understanding imposter syndrome personally. Through this introspection, I've reached a profound realization: the struggle to release what no longer serves me does not reflect my worth or adequacy. It does not define who I am or determine whether I am enough. Instead, it's a journey of self-discovery, an acknowledgment of my inherent value, and a step towards embracing my authentic self.

As a thought leader, I've learned that letting go isn't just about releasing a possession; it involves releasing part of yourself, moving from the old version that no longer aligns with who you are becoming. I acknowledge that surrendering can be a bittersweet journey filled with moments of uncertainty and vulnerability but also moments of profound liberation and clarity. 

Here are Five Steps to Surrender by Empower: Women Guide to Letting God: 

  1. Courage: Letting go requires courage to release the familiar and embrace the unknown, courage to confront our fears and insecurities, and courage to trust in the wisdom of our intuition.


  1. Identify What No Longer Serves You: This requires taking inventory of your life and asking honest questions about what is no longer serving you. They may include toxic relationships that might be draining your energy, what is holding you back, or align with your values and goals. 


  1. Embrace the Power of Release: Letting go is not about erasing the past or denying its significance; it is about honoring the lesson learned and releasing attachments that no longer serve your highest good. This also includes practicing forgiveness for yourself and others and being willing to cultivate compassion as you navigate the process of letting go. 


  1.  Creating Space for the New involves setting boundaries to protect your energy as you make space for new opportunities that align with your passion and can cultivate healthier habits and support your well-being and self-care goals. 


  1. Find Strength in Surrender: Letting go is not a sign of weakness but an act of strength. It's taken courage to let go, to be vulnerable, or to surrender control, trusting in the unfolding of life while embracing the unknown with open arms. 


Letting go is an essential skill in this journey of life. It allows us to surrender and release the past, live fully in the present, and welcome the future with open arms. As women, we possess the resilience, courage, and wisdom to navigate the process of letting go with grace and compassion. Surrendering what no longer serves us empowers us to create space for new possibilities to unfold and for our true selves to shine. 

As I embark on this journey of letting go, I feel a sense of peace and anticipation for what lies ahead. I know that I am reclaiming my power, honoring my truth, and embracing the boundless possibilities that await me. 

Question! To all readers of this blog: Consider what you're holding onto that no longer aligns with your vision, values, or goals. Are you prepared to find empowerment through surrender? Take a moment to reflect: What is holding you back?

Dr.Sanja Rickette Stinson, DM

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