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Meet Dr.Sanja

Dr. Sanja Rickette Stinson

Dr. Sanja Rickette Stinson is an author, visionary entrepreneur, a nonprofit CEO. Her passion is to assist individuals in moving their vision from napkin to action, from action to reality, from reality to success, from success to purpose, and from purpose to creating a legacy for future generations.

She is the founding CEO of Matthew House, a nonprofit organization working alongside three founding African American men to birth forth the vision of the nonprofit organization.  Matthew House is a daytime supportive service center and the largest in Chicago. The organization serves both men, women, and families experiencing or at risk of becoming homeless.

Dr. Sanja Rickette Stinson

Today, Matthew House manages seventy-five scattered-site housing, a computer learning center, employment center, entire case management staff, two meals, hot showers, and so much more.   The nonprofit organization is celebrating thirty years of providing supportive services to the homeless. (

Dr. Stinson drew her passion for helping others from her parent. Learning that her father was once homeless taught her the power of assisting others who might be without food or a place to go. Her parents set an example of always providing food for anyone who was hungry or needed help.  Her roots and legacy stem from the Westside of Chicago.  She is the daughter of the founders of Uncle Remus Saucy Chicken, celebrating now celebrating 67 years as an African American-owned established business. Now owned and operated by her sister Charmaine V. Rickette.

Dr. Sanja Rickette Stinson

Sanja is the founder/CEO of SRS Enterprises, a division of Sanja Stinson Ministries.  In, 2015 she foundered and organized Women on the Frontline International Fellowship, a women empowerment group.  In  2018, Sanja established the Ruach Channel (a weekly internet broadcast aired on BGK Network) featuring men and women lifting their voices to encourage others.  For over seventeen years, she served as the founder and Senior Pastor of Victory & Grace Christian Church.  In March 2020, she heard from God that it was time to transition from full-time pastoring to Apostolic Leader.   Now she serves as the apostolic leader of Victory & Grace under its new pastor.  Sanja also serves other churches, both local and international, as the apostolic overseer.   She also serves on many other nonprofit boards and as a consultant for other nonprofits.

Dr. Sanja Rickette Stinson

Sanja has been a trailblazer in bringing to light the renewal of the value of "Vision and Legacy."   She believes that creating a lasting "legacy" is not an accident. It is a purpose-driven work laying the foundation that births in-roads to lasting impressions which makes a permanent statement about one's life work”.  In 2020, her online coaching sessions geared toward bringing enlightenment to individuals who recognized that they have a purpose-driven life by establishing a lasting legacy. Her book: Vision Unleashed ~ Legacy Ignited is a power book and resources for birthing forth a vision yet to come forth.

Dr. Sanja Rickette Stinson

Dr. Stinson earned a bachelor's degree from DePaul University, a Master of Divinity from McCormick Theological Seminary, a Doctorate of Ministry from Northern Theological Seminary, and a Master of Education from Concordia University. Sanja is a lifelong learner recently earning a Certificate focused on Inclusion and Diversity from E-Cornell Online Certificate Program?  She is working on her third book expected release date of January 2022.

She has received numerous awards and honors for her work as an advocate serving the homeless and community activist.  She received the 2012 Dr. Martin Luther King Drum Awardee, 2014 Women of the Year Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, 2016 Women of Excellence, 2017 Ladies of Distinction Chicago Chapter, 2018 Phenomenal Women Awardee, 2020 Ladies of Virtue, and many more.  Her motto is, “have I given anything today, have I help some needed soul along the way.  Just to know I’ve done my best, as I go to take my rest.  Let’s my name be with the blessed, today”.

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