Disrupting The Status Quo 3:

In the third volume of “Disrupting the Status Quo”, be challenged by ageless women who disrupt the notion that age defines one’s worth. You’ll be compelled to fearlessly pen your own next chapter!

Expect to be captivated by the voices of 16 remarkable women. They share their journey of fearlessly stepping outside their comfort zones, taking calculated risks and embracing change with unwavering determination.

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Dr.Sanja's purpose is to Awaken Vision(s) that propel a "Hope" of legacy for future generations."

Dr. Sanja Rickette Stinson

Dr. Sanja is an author, visionary entrepreneur, a nonprofit CEO. Her passion is to assist individuals in moving their vision from napkin to action, from action to reality, from reality to success, from success to purpose, and from purpose to creating a legacy for future generations.

She is the founding CEO of Matthew House, a nonprofit organization working alongside three founding African American men to birth forth the vision of the nonprofit organization.  Matthew House is a daytime supportive service center and the largest in Chicago. The organization serves both men, women, and families experiencing or at risk of becoming homeless.

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