Embracing The Unknown:

Dr.Sanja Rickette Stinson
October 12, 2023
3 min read
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Leaping Over Fear To Success

Fear is a potent emotion that often keeps us firmly planted within our comfort zones, obstructing our pursuit of dreams and fulfilling our true potential. Yet, imagine if we could transform this fear, typically viewed as a roadblock, into a stepping stone toward achieving success. Today’s blog delves into “Embracing the Unknown; Leaping Over Fear to Success.”

Before we can conquer our fears, we must fully comprehend them. Fear exhibits itself in various forms, from fear of failure to the fear of the unknown. Its stronghold over us thrives on uncertainty and the anticipation of unfavorable outcomes. Therefore, recognizing and acknowledging its presence is the first pivotal step toward conquering fear.

Last week, I led a group of fourteen aspiring authors through the Disrupting the Status Quo Movement. Witnessing them leap over their fears to become authors and celebrating our Amazon Bestsellers badges together was a powerful experience. One co-author expressed her gratitude, stating. “I appreciate your push on us and guiding us through our fear of the unknown. Appreciate all that you’ve poured and continue to pour into us.” Today, she and thirteen other co-authors celebrate their newfound status as Amazon Bestselling authors.

For many women, the journey of Embracing the Unknown and Leaping Over Fear to Success can be particularly challenging due to imposter syndrome. This insidious self-doubt often infiltrates the minds of talented and accomplished women, causing them to question their qualifications and worthiness. Research has suggested that imposter syndrome may be more prevalent among women, especially in male-dominated fields, where societal expectations and gender biases can compound feelings of inadequacy.

However, women must recognize that imposter syndrome is not a reflection of their capabilities but a product of external influences. Acknowledging this phenomenon and pushing through fears empower women to achieve remarkable success and inspire others to do the same. Embracing the unknown is not about eliminating imposter syndrome; it is about acknowledging its existence and refusing to let it dictate the course of our dreams and aspirations.

In a world that often celebrates familiarity and comfort, there lies immense power in disrupting fear and embracing the unknown as a path to success. This journey is more than just leaping; it involves shattering the barriers that fear constructs around us. As disrupters, we understand the importance of stepping out of our comfort zones, challenging the status quo, and welcoming uncertainty, as these actions can propel us toward levels of success we may never have imagined.

Leaping over fear isn’t a singular event but an ongoing process. It requires consciously embracing the unknown, redefining failure, and acting with unwavering courage. Remember that every successful person has faced fear and uncertainty on their journey. By taking that leap, you open yourself to a world brimming with possibilities, growth, and fulfillment beyond the clutches of fear. So don’t allow fear to restrain you; leap over it and discover where your path to success will lead you.

Here are three steps to Leaping Over Fear:

·      Recognizing and Acknowledge fear is the first step in conquering fear

·      Seek Support and Guidance by surround yourself with a supporting community such as mentors and coaches.

·      Take Courageous Action by stepping toward your goals even in the face of fear, remembering that success often lies on theother side of fear and each leap you take brings your closer to your dreamsthat propels your legacy.

Dr.Sanja Rickette Stinson, DM

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