Balancing Entrepreneurship and Faith: Nuggets for Success

Dr.Sanja Rickette Stinson
January 11, 2024
3 min read
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Nuggets for Success

We've already entered the second week of 2024, and it's a perfect moment for faith-based business women to focus on progress and empowerment. As I reflect upon these initial weeks of the year, it's evident that we still encounter challenges and uncertainty in our world. This is where the theme "SheStep Forward"truly resonates. 


I am in awe, celebrating over 35 years on my journey as a nonprofit faith-based founder.Much like the spirit of "SheStep Forward," my journey has been marked by personal growth, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped the organizationI served and contributed significantly to my personal growth and vision.Unwavering faith, willingness to take risks, and a steadfast belief in the vision have been paramount along this path. 


I've understood that when faith-based entrepreneurs embrace faith as their guiding force, it becomes a profound wellspring of strength, particularly in business. Why is this the case? Because faith transcends religious beliefs, it extends to having faith in oneself, one's abilities, and the vision one holds for one's business. There have been numerous occasions when I firmly believe that it wasn't for my unshakable faith and self-belief that the vision I cherish would not have experienced the enduring success we celebrate now.


The journey has allowed me to meld my spiritual values with my business expertise, resulting in a lasting impact and the creation of a meaningful legacy. It has given me the freedom as an entrepreneur and a minister of the gospel to step forward with unwavering faith in our mission and the people we serve and to actively contribute to being part of the solution. 


In truth, despite the countless individuals who insisted that I couldn't pursue both paths, urging me to choose one or the other, asserting that they couldn't coexist, I never subscribed to that notion. It was never a personal dilemma or doubt; I ceased trying to explain it to those who couldn't grasp the concept. 


Three Nuggets forSuccess: 

1.   Embrace Your Journey: Your faith is a powerful asset in business. 

2.   Prioritize Your Values: Draw strength from your faith that helps you build a strong foundation and a sense of purpose. 

3.   Balance: Make sure you balance your business and personal life. Itis your faith that helps you prioritize what truly matters.  


Balancingentrepreneurship and faith is a journey that requires mindfulness and a strongsense of purpose. It's about balancing the business's demands and staying trueto your spiritual beliefs. As you continue to navigate this path, remember thatyou are not alone. Many successful entrepreneurs have walked this road beforeand have found ways to merge their entrepreneurial drive with theirfaith. 


Our crucial nuggetto keep in mind is to remain adaptable. The business world is constantlyevolving, and your faith can provide the resilience needed to adapt to changingcircumstances. Always trust your ability to find innovative solutions and staycommitted to your mission. 


In the end,balancing entrepreneurship and faith can be incredibly rewarding, not only interms of business success but also in personal fulfillment and positive impacton the world. Embrace your unique journey, prioritize your values, and use yourfaith as a guiding light to lead you toward success and fulfillment in bothyour business and spiritual endeavors. 

Dr.Sanja Rickette Stinson, DM

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