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Vision Unleashed: Legacy Ignited

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First 20 minute Coaching Session Included. Legacy requires a deep sense of knowing what is non-negotiable. Vision Unleashed ~ Legacy Ignited is written for both men and women to whom God has released a vision that you are ready to bring forth. In this book, I desire to help bring clarity, purpose, and activation to your vision, which may be lying dormant only because you are not sure of the next move. As you read through the pages of this book, my desire is to assist in bringing clarity to the vision so that you can birth it forth with the purpose of building and leaving a lasting legacy.ForewordsDr. Sanja Rickette Stinson has masterfully connected vision and legacy, for truly, as vision is played out, it creates a legacy for many to keep on the earth long after you’re gone from it. As you journey from page to page, you will be inspired to hold fast to your dreams, visions, and aspirations, for this book encourages you to see them all as necessary components of a legacy! Apostle Dr. Sharon Ruff, PhDAs I read through this manuscript, a secular song containing the lyrics “I can see clearly now the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way!” kept playing in my mind and spirit. This song provided me with insight concerning the goal of this book. Sometimes our vision can become clouded by the negative things that occur in our daily lives — the rain if you will. The “assignment” of this literary piece is to help the reader to see exactly what the Lord wants them to do in life. Prophet Dr. John Vea
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